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Study highlights the importance of puppy socialisation and dog training

A new study, undertaken in the UK on behavioural reasons for deaths in dogs under three years of age, has found that a staggering 33.7% of deaths was linked to undesirable behaviour problems. It highlights the importance of puppy socialisation

Living with a Blind Cat – Top Tips

Cats and other animals always amaze me at the way they adapt to disabilities. This is certainly the case when caring for one that loses their sight. Cats that go blind suddenly often need more time to adapt but, although

The Overly Bonded Parrot

A common problem that arises for parrot owners’ is the bird that becomes overly bonded to one particular member of the household. Aggression can be shown to other members of the family, especially when they are in close proximity of

Help! My Cats Don’t Get On

“Help! my cats don’t get on” is a frequent call I get from cat owners. It usually follows after another cat is introduced to keep an existing cat company. But do cats need a friend? The short answer is generally

Hazards for our Dogs in January!

After consuming all those goodies at Christmas, many of us are thinking about starting the New Year with a weight reduction and keep fit campaign but there are many potential hazards for our pets in January! Xylitol For dieters, lots

Reward-Based Training

Animals need to be motivated to learn and most modern-day trainers know that using some kind of reward helps drive that motivation. However, there are some owners who feel that their pet should obey them without using reward-based training techniques

Reducing Stress in Domestic Cats

Although cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still retain many of the same characteristics from their ancestors. Their emotional and physical requirements have not changed much.  So being able to cater for these needs is an important

Pet Anxiety

According to the 2018 PAW report, 80 % of pet owners say that their dog or cat is scared of something.  This short article is designed to raise awareness about pet anxiety and to highlight that there is something you can

Common Canine Conditions

A recent study carried out by the Royal Veterinary College, revealed the most common canine conditions seen by vets. The most common canine conditions: Overweight/obesity Osteoarthritis Otitis externa (Ear problems) Anal sac disorder Conjunctivitis (Eye disease) Dental disease Lipoma (fatty

10 Reasons Why Your Pet Might Need a Rectal Exam

Veterinarians all perform physical examinations in their own way. Some start at the front of the patient and work their way to the back. Others examine each organ system in turn. But however they proceed, veterinarians should, in most cases,