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One day in Tallinn, Estonia

Okay, first things first, I LOVED Tallinn. This city is such a dreamy walk through history before being slapped in the face by urban cool and regeneration. Having heard so much about e-residency, I knew this was going to be

Must Visit Places on a Scotland

Scotland is a land of lochs, castles and epic landscapes, all served up with the warm welcome and charm of the locals that call this magical land home. I feel like a traitor being an English boy, but if you

The secrets of Western Manitoba

In a land where wildflowers blossom underfoot, moose wander nonchalantly across your path, grain elevators stand guard like soldiers of the past, and shimmering lakes beg to be paddled across, Manitoba’s wide-open west is a destination for those in the

Carnaval de Québec: frigid fun in French Canada

In Québec City, the capital of French Canada, winters are ridiculously long (it can snow anytime from October to May) and residents have learned to make the most of the bone-numbing cold. The result? Carnaval de Québec, an exuberant 17-day fête of winter’s

How to build a DIY rail and cruise tour of Canada and Alaska

A luxury rail journey combined with a coastal cruise is the hottest way to see western Canada and southeast Alaska. Each summer, thousands take a gourmet train journey through the Rocky Mountains, then admire the Inside Passage by sea. If you’re

Never mind the hypothermia: easy winter adventures in the Yukon

The Yukon Territory of Canada, south only from the Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean and North Pole, exists in the mind’s eye as a wilderness of chalky mountains, wolf-filled forests and deadly snow-covered passes where gold panners and fur-clad trappers lost

Remote and rugged adventures in Churchill, Manitoba

Located on Manitoba’s Hudson Bay, and known as the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’, the remote, 900-person town of Churchill is a magnet for those seeking wildlife and nature experiences. But furry predators, beluga whales, and awe-inspiring nature are

Go North: reindeer herding in the Northwest Territories

More than 80 years ago, caribou numbers in Canada’s Northwest Territories started to decline – a serious threat to the Inuit people who called the region home. In response, a herd of 3500 reindeer from Alaska were herded through the

Canada’s can’t-miss capital: how to spend 24 hours in Ottawa

One of the most beautiful capital cities in the world, Ottawa is as well-known for its architecture, parks and food as it is for its politics. A relatively large city by Canadian standards, Ottawa manages to maintain a small-town feel

North America’s best national parks day hikes

There’s no better way to see the natural wonders of North America’s national parks than on foot. From easy rambles through Southern forests to hair-raising scrambles across narrow rock faces thousands of feet in the air, get out of the car